Sunday, September 2, 2007

Saturday's Six

I might start to make this a regular thing...I haven't decided yet.

1. Twelve percent of Americans say they have never had someone of a different race in their home. Have you had someone of a different race in your home? Have you been in the home of someone of a different race?

I have honestly never even thought about that. But yes, I have. Many, many times.

2. When asked if they think gay people are actually born gay (as opposed to “choosing” to be gay, 51% say that homosexuality is something one is born with. Do you agree?

I believe there can be a genetic component. But most people don't ask if you think individuals are born straight, so why are ask if people are born gay?

3. Given our society’s obsession with the “perfect body,” the number might be expected to be higher, but 33% of Americans say they’d leave their partner if he or she gained 100 pounds. Would you?

No. But I would really worry about his health, especially since cholesterol problems run in his family. And if that weight was gained in a relatively short period of time, I would be really concerned.

4. This question was originally asked only of women, and 54% said they’d prefer to watch the Super Bowl over the Academy Awards. Which would you pick and why?

The Academy Awards. I watch tennis, soccer, and occasionally basketball, but I have never been a football fan. When I go to Super Bowl parties, I don't spend very much time watching the game. On the other hand, I love movies.

5. We hear a lot these days about protecting the institution of marriage. Oddly enough, that phrase is generally used in efforts to prevent people who love each other and want a committed relationship from actually getting married. Fifty percent of Americans say that it would be a good idea to require couples eligible for marriage to undergo marriage counseling before they can walk down the aisle. Is this a good idea or a bad idea?

There are many churches that require premarital counseling before they will perform a wedding. I don't think this is the solution for lowering the divorce rate.

6. A popular potato chip’s ad slogan says, “Once you pop, you can’t stop.” But 39% of Americans claim that they can stop at just one chip. Are you one of them?

One chip? I don't eat chips very often, but when I do, I don't think I could have just one. I usually eat them to satisfy a salt craving and one chip just isn't going to cut it. One serving, maybe.


Lotus Reads said...

I am enjoying reading through the Saturday Six feature. Belonging to a minority race as I do, I have a ton of friends from other races. 12% doesn't seem too bad, does it? I would have thought the number of people not in social contact with people from other races would have been slightly higher.

It is amazing to me how much overweight people are discriminated against, but that's getting off topic. If my spouse gained 100lbs, I'd stick around and help him lose it for the sake of his health, I could never think of leaving him because of a weight issue.

Nyssaneala said...

lotus - It is amazing to me how much overweight people are discriminated against.

You're right, it's sad. It seems to be one of the things that most people think is still okay to make fun of.

gautami tripathy said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog.

I am glad to come over here too.

Dewey said...

1. Yes, of course, many times.

2. I do have a theory about this, but I don't feel convinced it's true -- it's just an idea that could make sense, possibly. I think everyone is born somewhere on a continuum of bisexuality. Some people are maybe way at one end or the other and some are right in the middle. But I do know several people who say they are bisexual but have chosen to live as a gay or straight person, usually because of a committed gay or straight relationship. So I think that some people (like me) are born way at the straight or gay end of the continuum and it would be very difficult for them to choose the opposite sexuality, while others (like my husband) have more flexibility. And possibly some people who are born right in the middle of the continuum can't really make themselves choose either gay or straight.

3. No way. And I think it'd be hard to gain that much weight out of the blue in the absence of some sort of health condition causing it, and leaving someone with a bad health condition is pretty awful.

4. I would stab my eyes out if forced to watch either one.

5. I think we have way too many requirements about pretty much everything already and should mind our own business about other people's relationship choices.

6. I rarely want chips, but I will sometimes take one because it's salty and it's out in a bowl at a party, so I guess I am actually more likely to eat one than more than one. :)

Sorry if it's annoying to answer in your comments, but I love these sorts of things, and I can never make them fit BOOKS, but I don't want my blog to be about anything but books.