Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Salon - July 27

The Sunday
My mind is a bit scattered this morning, and Maya is clamoring for my attention, so this will be a bit brief...and erratic. :)

I am still reading (but almost done!) Founding Mothers by Cokie Roberts, about the mothers and wives of America's Founding Fathers. Many of the locations talked about are near my current home, a place that I lived in the past, or somewhere I have gone on vacation: Philadelphia, Baltimore, York, Princeton, Charleston, New York, etc. In addition to the places I have already visited, I have now added quite a few more to my list.

I can't be the only one that does this! Do you ever read a book, bookmarking things are places to visit on a vacation? Since I'm not a huge war-buff, my interest mainly lies in learning more about the people behind the Declaration of Independence, rather than battles fought. Often, I'll read a book and end up with a desire to travel there: Paris, Turkey, Egypt, Prince Edward Island, list is endless.

For those who might be wondering, some of the Revolutionary-related places I have gone are:
  • Morven House, Princeton - Home of Richard Stockton (signer of the Declaration of Independence) and Annis Boudinot Stockton, poet.
  • Valley Forge, outside Philadelphia, PA
  • Monticello - Thomas Jefferson's home, Virginia
  • Montpelier - James Madison's home, Virginia
  • Williamsburg, Virginia
  • Gates House, York, PA (General Gates lived here when the Continental Congress was evacuated to York during the war)
And those I would like to visit include:
  • Monmouth Battlefield State Park
  • Charles Pinckney National Historic Site, South Carolina
  • Mount Vernon, Virginia
  • Liberty Hall, New Jersey
Happy Reading!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely thought, but yes I remember travelling across the Yorkshire moors for the first time when I was on a visit from The Netherlands as part of an exchange programme and loved every bit of relating this to Jane Austen. It's lovely doing that. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

John (@bookdreamer) said...

Would like to visit the landscape of Tidewater Tales by by John Barth.

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gautami tripathy said...

I have often wished to visit places I have read about.

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Literary Feline said...

I can't say I have ever made an actual list of places I want to visit as I read a book, but I have wanted to read about places I have visited and visit places I have read about.