Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Some Light Reading

Title: Shopaholic and Sister
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Country: America
Year: 2004
Rating: C-
Pages: 352 pgs.

This was my least favorite of the Shopaholic series. But, I have heard that her latest, Shopaholic and Baby, is better, so I will probably continue with this light, chick lit series. It's great for when I am in the mood for complete fluff!

Title: I is for Innocent
Author: Sue Grafton
Country: America
Year: 1992
Rating: B
Pages: 343 pgs.

I never get tired of Kinsey Millhone and her many adventures.


Literary Feline said...

I am a fan of Grafton's series too. I am looking forward to T coming out. She's switching up her writing style for that one like she did the last one and so it will be different, no doubt.

I'm behind in the Shopaholic series. I think this one is next up for me? I'm sorry to read it was a disappointment. :-S

Bookfool said...

I think Shopaholic and Sister was my least favorite, also. I still liked it, just not as much.

I quit reading Grafton, years ago, and keep thinking someday I'll go back.

Nyssaneala said...

literary feline - I wonder if Kinsella has been contracted for a certain number in the Shopaholic series? The book really just felt like it was filler material.

bookfool - I pick up a Grafton book every other month or so. I never get tired of them!