Friday, December 28, 2007

2nds Challenge Wrap-up

The 2nds challenge turned out to be more difficult than I had thought, after realizing that there are few books on my shelves in which I have only read one previous book by the author. Nevertheless, I was able to finish off a few books that I had been planning on reading for a long time. Thanks to Joy at Thoughts of Joy for hosting! 

My finished challenge books are:

The best book: I liked all of them in different ways.
What book could I have done without: None, they were all good.
What did you learn -- about anything -- through this challenge? I've realized it can take a very long time for me to get around to reading a second book by an author, particularly when they are more challenging reads. I have a huge list of authors I would like to read more of, but I own very few of those books, and I always seem to pick up something else. I read Marquez' One Hundred Years of Solitude more than two years ago, and immediately wanted to pick up Love in the Time of Cholera. Yet, it didn't happen until now. I hope to be a little better at this in 2008.


Joy said...

Congrats on finishing! I'm glad you enjoyed your choices. :)

Literary Feline said...

I sometimes find myself putting off picking up a second book by an author I really like when the book is more serious or difficult too. I admit I played it relatively safe with this challenge because I was over committed with my challenge reading.

Congratulations on completing the challenge! I hope to read my first Virginia Woolf book this next year.