Friday, January 11, 2008

Possum Magic - Mem Fox

Title: Possum Magic
Author: Mem Fox

Illustrator: Julie Vivas
Country: Australia
Year: 1983
Rating: 5 out of 5

First sentence: Once upon a time, but not very long ago, deep in the Australian bush lived two possums.

Possum Magic is a delightful tale of two possums, Hush and Grandma Poss. Grandma Poss practices bush magic, and one day makes Hush invisible. When Hush decides that he no longer wants to be invisible, Grandma Poss can not reverse the magic! We follow the two as they set off on a trip around Australia, sampling tucker in different cities in an attempt to make Hush visible again.

We received this book from a good Australian friend of ours, after Maya was born. This was one of her favorite books as a child, and I can see why. We lived in Brisbane, Australia for four years, and plan on taking Maya back on vacations; this book will be a great introduction to Australian wildlife and culture. The illustrations are beautiful, and were able to capture a six week old's attention for an extended period of time! I look forward to someday reading Koala Lou by Mem Fox as well.

Grandma Poss hugged Hush, and they both danced "Here We Go Round the Lamington Plate" till early in the morning.


Marg said...

Mem Fox is one of the most beloved Australian children's authors!

Eva said...

Koala Lou was my favourite, favourite, favourite children's book when I was little! That's so neat that you've lived in Brisbane...I've never been anywhere near Australia, and I'm a wee bit jealous.

Framed said...

The cover artwork is wonderful. I'll bet my grandson would love this when he gets older.

Nyssaneala said...

marg - That's what I've heard! I didn't pay too much attention to children's lit. while we lived there, so she is a new discovery for me.

eva - We loved living there! My husband went to med school in Aus, which is why we moved there. We still think about possibly moving back.

framed - Definitely! It strikes me as the type of book that most kids would enjoy.

Camille said...

We have Koala Lou out from the library now for the 3-year-old. Another really good one by Mem Fox is The Magic Hat.

Adi said...

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