Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Reading Across Borders - Asia


Countries Completed are highlighted in purple.
Books read are highlighted in red.
Reviewed books are followed by link to the review.

1. Afghanistan 

2. Azerbaijan 

3. Bahrain 

4. Bangladesh 

5. Bhutan 

6. Brunei

7. Burma

8. Cambodia

  • First They Killed My Father, by Loung Ung

9. China

10. Cyprus 

11. East Timor 

12. India 

13. Indonesia 

14. Iran 

15. Iraq 

16. Israel 

17. Japan 

  • The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, by Haruki Murakami (finished 16 January 2007)
  •  I am a Cat by Soseki Natsume
  •  The Tale of Genji, by Murasaki Shikibu

18. Jordan 

19. Kazakstan 

20. Korea, North 

21. Korea, South 

22. Kuwait 

23. Kyrgyzstan 

24. Laos 

25. Lebanon 

26. Malaysia 

27. Maldives 

28. Mongolia 

29. Nepal 

30. Oman 

31. Pakistan 

32. Philippines

33. Quatar 

34. Saudi Arabia 

35. Singapore 

36. Sri Lanka 

37. Syria 

38. Tajikistan 

39. Tibet 

40. Thailand 

41. Turkey 

42. Turkmenistan 

43. United Arab Emirates 

44. Uzbekistan

45. Vietnam 

46. Yemen 


beastmomma said...

Go ahead with your globe trotter self!

olduvai said...

Out of curiosity, what are you reading from Singapore?

oakling said...

I am dying to know what you are going to read from Bhutan and how you are going to find a Bhutanese book/author. I want to do this challenge but I'm not sure how to find stuff from a lot of countries!

I remember doing a report on Bhutan in like 5th grade - that country is the size of my thumbnail! At the time, their most lucrative export was postage stamps. They had a musical one! The things I remember from elementary school....

Nyssaneala said...

beastmomma - I'm making much slower progress on this personal challenge than I thought I would! I couldn't even finish the expanding horizons challenge!

olduvai and oakling- I have no idea what I am going to read for Bhutan or Singapore yet. Any suggestions?

olduvai said...

Hi! Catherine Lim has written quite a few novels. This challenge is one I'd love to join, especially since I actually live in Asia and tend to read British/American writers, but like oakling, I'm not sure about finding books for quite a few countries!

Adi said...

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